My Journey.


My journey started many many years ago with my Olympus OM 10 and a college course on black and white photography.

I learnt to roll and print black and white film, then not only developing the photos but my dark room skills;  hours of fun

and mess!

Modern day digital technology allows shooting many more frames to get closer to creating the picture in our minds eye at much reduced costs and immediate gratification


The wet room is much dryer, sitting at a computer with a cuppa..... 


The perfect picture is unobtainable as there are endless interpretations of an image,

it is often a matter of taste.

Each image is a journey from visualising the image and its hitting the sensor

to presentation on screen or paper,

here its journey ends!     

 I hope my journey never ends!!


Soon I hope to create greeting cards from my photos, so watch this space.

Any feedback or constructive critiques very welcome!!


I hope you enjoy looking through my images. 

The content of my site will be updated regularly so please come to visit again soon.

Dinah Haynes LRPS